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How to Take Care of Your Retainer | Anaheim Hills Orthodontist

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How to Take Care of Your Retainer | Anaheim Hills Orthodontist

Proper Care for Your Retainer from The Hills Orthodontics

Are you guilty of neglecting your retainer for days or weeks at a time? It’s time to change that habit. Retainers harbor the same bacteria found on your teeth, meaning neglecting their cleaning is akin to skipping brushing your teeth. To maintain proper oral hygiene, follow these tips for caring for your retainer.

Brush Your Retainer with Toothpaste
Incorporate cleaning your retainer into your nightly routine. While brushing your teeth, gently brush your retainer with a soft-bristled brush and non-whitening toothpaste. Avoid abrasive toothpaste and vigorous scrubbing, as this can scratch the retainer surface, creating spaces for bacteria to thrive.

Don’t Rely Solely on Water
Water alone won’t effectively fight bacteria. Instead, use a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a cup, then soak your retainer in the solution for about 15 minutes. After soaking, gently brush your retainer with a soft toothbrush.

Utilize Baking Soda
Baking soda not only restores the pH balance in retainers but also whitens them. Create a paste using equal parts water and baking soda, forming a light toothpaste consistency. Apply the paste to your toothbrush and gently scrub the retainer for a safe disinfectant.

Opt for Mouthwash to Combat Bacteria
Choose a non-alcoholic mouthwash to clean your retainer, as alcohol can damage the retainer acrylic. Clear mouthwashes are best to prevent staining. Soak your retainer in the mouthwash for an hour, then remove and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. This method fights plaque, bacteria, and prevents deposits.

Consider Store-Bought Retainer Cleaners
Stores offer cleaners specifically designed for retainers, emphasizing the importance of regular cleaning. Consult your orthodontist for recommendations, and if you choose to use one, follow the package instructions carefully.

Maintain Your Oral Health with Proper Retainer Care
Don’t overlook your retainer when it comes to oral hygiene. Bacteria buildup can lead to various health issues, so make nightly retainer cleaning a habit alongside brushing your teeth. Choose any of the methods mentioned above to ensure your retainer remains clean and bacteria-free.

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